Immigration DNA Testing Services

DNA Findings offers various DNA testing services to assist with the immigration process between the United States and countries around the world. Our staff has experience working with embassies in many countries and provide fast and accurate results.

Whether you need basic paternity testing, a siblingship study or any of our other extended relationship tests, you can rest assured that your cases are handled with the professional attention they deserve. Our benefits include:

The Testing Process

Embassies require DNA testing when a familial relationship is in question. Typically the embassy will notify the sponsor, generally a family member, and beneficiary that DNA testing is needed. One of our knowledgeable Case Managers will arrange an appointment for the sponsor to have his/her DNA sample collected either by buccal swab or blood draw. A copy of the immigration paperwork, including the case number, must be provided at the time of sample collection. We will send supplies to your embassy, who will then arrange a sample collection appointment for the beneficiary. Once all the samples are received in our laboratory, we begin the testing process. Test turnaround time is dependent on the type of test required and type of samples submitted. Original results are sent directly to the embassy via Federal Express.

About DNA Findings:

Our company was founded in 2000 and is fully accredited by the AABB – a worldwide accreditation entity - and GEDNAP – a specific accreditation entity in Europe.

For more information regarding DNA Findings’s testing services or to begin the testing process, please contact us directly at (832) 381-5410, by e-mail

For International Immigration tests, the prices listed below do not reflect any sample collection fees charged by the embassy in the country of origin.

DNA Findings is fully accredited to perform testing in New York State, please call 832-381-5410 to arrange testing.

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