DNA Findings offers fast, reliable and confidential DNA testing.

  1. Definitions

“Contract” refers to any commercial transaction between DNA Findings and the client for such services.
“Services” refers to the DNA analysis from biological samples provided by the client to DNA Findings.
“Client” refers to the person or company who purchases Services from DNA Findings.

  1. Provision of Services

The DNA analysis provided to the client is prepared for the sole use of said client. DNA Findings makes no representation that the result of the analysis is useful for any other purpose than the service purchased by the client.
The samples provided to DNA Findings are not returnable and will be used/discarded at the sole discretion of DNA Findings.

DNA Findings will provide test results to the client(s), including test participants and/or purchaser of services from DNA Findings. A physical copy will be mailed to client via U.S. mail. Clients may also receive results via telephone, email or fax, if requested.

The Client Warranty

The client warrants that he is legally entitled to perform the particular act in order to obtain the biological samples and supply them to DNA Findings for analysis.

The client warrants that he is legally entitled to possession of the sample provided.

DNA Findings is indemnified against all costs, claims, demands or expenses arising from misrepresentation of client regarding samples.

DNA Findings Disclaimers and Liabilities

DNA Findings does not warrant to client that the service provided will meet the expectations of the client, or that the service will be free of errors.
Specifically, DNA Findings does not guarantee that the provided samples will yield DNA suitable for analysis or that the analysis will provide a conclusive result.

  1. Refund Policy

Refunds will be at the sole discretion of DNA Findings. NOTE: there will be NO REFUND for testing that has been initiated (even if the samples yield no useable DNA, or inconclusive results.